Chairman Message

Message from the Executive Chairman

Dear Visitors,


I am sincerely thankful to you for your visit to our official website and take this opportunity to extend my warm welcome to you


We are proud that our institution  has been recognized and admired by the unbiased civilized societies and in and out of the national boundary as one of the vanguards of quality justice and integrity regarding educational services and counseling ever since its establishment period .As one of Kathmandu’s premier education consultancy.  Mercy offers you the best skills and opportunities to choose the right career in the field of international education. Many more students from Nepal have already been sent to the different universities / college of the various countries and they have been able to set outstanding records in the different universities / colleges abroad,

Our commitment to excellence and relevance is evident. We strongly believe in expanding educational program options in ways that reflect emerging technologies, developing careers and the changing scenario in the field of education. For this we are developing alliances with outstanding universities / colleges and other polytechnic institutes worldwide to create avenues that will permit you to build your international experiences and careers we are adding more programs and more ways for you to progress on your educational journey

Hence from the care of heart , we would like to thank our esteemed education providers who have encouraged us in our efforts to prove educational counseling services to the student’s community in Nepal we would also like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our dedicated team of staff members , instructors and all out well- wishers for their untiring and tremendous efforts all the year round and commitment to the provision of high quality and services which fulfilled the expectation and requirement or our students guardians and clients.

In the long run, this institute humbly submits its wide experience, glorious achievement and sincere commitment so, when you choose your educational future, I do hope that you will select an institution that offers quality service and a record of student’s achievements based on firm grasp of the present and an exciting vision of the future and for this you will choose Mercy education consultancy for your charismatic future career. Hence we wholeheartedly invite you all to try out whether or not Mercy can withstand the ever changing whether in the world of national and international education



Mr. Ram Tandan

Executive Chairman

Director of International Operation

(Morgan International College )