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Confidential career counseling is available to both undergraduate and graduate students from all colleges and disciplines.

Topics include:

  1. Major
  2. Careers
  3. Internship planning
  4. Graduate school planning
  1. Major
  2. Careers
  3. Internship planning
  4. Graduate school planning

Our expert counselors consider your educational background, interests, strengths, market trends and propose you with best available pathways tailored to your requirements. We personally look after the application process & guide the student on the right set of documentation required. Moreover, we promptly follow up with the institution to ensure swift admission processing. A proof of English language proficiency is often required by overseas institutions. We provide thorough training and comprehensive practice to ensure that the student secures a high score. We are consistently in touch with embassies, consulates and other concerned departments. Hence, our counselors are well informed on the latest rules and regulations. Resultantly we enjoy a very high visa success rate.

To get admission to a university abroad, students should take preparation classes. We offer TOEFL, classes. These test judge your eligibility for admission and also help to get sholarships and other forms of financial aid to universities/colleges. We have expert and friendly trainers who guide students in the examination.

It is important that you know what visa requirements will apply to you so that you can prepare for this well in advance. Many consulates, for instance, now require that students appear in person to apply for their visa. Some students even take these visa requirements into consideration when choosing the country where they want to go when spending a summer, semester, or year abroad.

If you need a student visa, applying for it can be an involved process that requires your careful attention. You should begin to do research about the student visa requirements for the country or countries you will be visiting and living in even before you know you have been accepted to your program.

Gathering the required documentation for your student visa can take as much or more time than your study abroad application itself. We at Mercy Education ensure that each and every document are correct and valid.


Visa is the last and the most significant stage in the complete procedure. It is not the question whether securing visa is hard or easy, it is too important to take chances in this last part of the procedure.

We have a standard procedure for handling visa counseling. We assist you in all documentation related to visa and put you through mock-interviews after understanding the kind of profile you have.

We design the questions of the interview sessions appropriate to your profile. The mock interview sessions in still in you the required confidence and ease needed on the interview day and enable you to get through it smoothly.

  1. General information about life and study in Abroad.
  2. Specific information on courses and institutions.
  3. Recommending you to the right institution.
  4. Individual and group counseling to students and their parents.
  5. Assistance in the preparation and submission of applications for admissions.
  6. Assistance in all visa procedures and ensuring you submit the right documents for your visa.
  7. Regular follow-up with the visa office at New Delhi.
  8. Arranging temporary accommodation in your study destination.
  9. Airline reservation & Airport pick-up in Abroad.
  10. Providing you with information regarding part-time work.
  11. Assistance in opening bank accounts.
  12. A complete pre-departure briefing before leaving NEPAl.
  13. Assistance in Migration after completing your studies.

General information about life and study in Abroad. We provides Specific information.