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New Zealand provides a wide range of opportunities for students from all over the world to complete their higher education in a developed country. It is becoming increasingly popular among international students and is viewed as the most favored destinations for study abroad. Students who are planning to study in New Zealand can expect to get the best of academics and research as well as a host of co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities designed to develop both the body and the mind and help the student complete his studies with a well-rounded personality

Benefits of studying in New Zealand

Many students are aiming to study in New Zealand because of the many benefits that the country offers.



  • Excellent academics and research - New Zealand has some of the best academics and research facilities for international students.  It provides students who study in New Zealand with the required tools to pursue their research interests in a wide range of subjects including art, business, science, technology, medicine and many others. Students also get to study under expert faculty members, who are often considered the best in the world.


  • Easy admission process and minimal barriers to entry - Although the education system in New Zealand is widely recognized to be one of the best in the world, the requirements for getting admission to a university in NZ is surprisingly easy and the barriers to entry are minimal. The New Zealand educational universities accept even students who have less than excellent academic records and gives the opportunity to even mediocre students to study in a foreign country.


  • Low cost of tuition and other expenses - The costs involved for study in New Zealand is extremely low when compared to other countries with the same quality of education and infrastructure. The cost of living in New Zealand is also much lower than in many other developed countries. Additionally students get a number of discounts at various grocery stores and outlets which brings down the cost even further.


  • You can extend visa for a year after completing your course - New Zealand allows you to extend your visa for a period of one year after completing your course to look for jobs and work in the country. You will need to apply for converting your student visa to work visa within this period.


  • Beautiful campuses and surroundings - While beauty may not be the first criteria you will be looking for when choosing a university or country to study in, if everything else being the same or ceteris paribus, as it is said in Latin, why not choose to study in a campus that combines academic excellence with stunning views from your dorm room? New Zealand is renowned for its dazzlingly beautiful vistas and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for international students.

Admission process is very easy. A Student needs to submit application form, relevant fees and past academic documents along with English Proficiency certificate. For a detailed list of documents please contact our offices. Admission in New Zealand takes about 1 to 2 weeks for private institutions, 3 to 4 weeks for polytechnics and 8 to 12 weeks for universities. It is desirable to apply 2 to 4 months before the start of the program.

The academic year is from mid / late February to early November and most Universities have 2 semesters with a holiday of 4 weeks in June. Each University operates slightly different dates and some also offer summer school in the main holiday period in November to February.

Living Costs

  • NZD 15,000 for one year.

Tuition Fee

  1. Undergraduate students – NZD 14,000 to NZD 19,000 pa

  2. Ppost graduate programs –  NZD 12,000 to NZD 20,000 pa (upto NZD 24,000 pa for management courses)
  1. Main Intakes –   February and September
  2. Other Intakes – May, July, November

Some of the most popular scholarships for study in New Zealand are

  1. New Zealand Development Scholarship – Open to international students from Asia, Africa, Latin and Carribean countries – for post graduates studies – covers tuition cost, travel allowance, living allowance and insurance
  2. New Zealand ASEAN scholar awards – open to students from SE Asia – for post graduate studies – covers tuition costs, living costs, travel costs and insurance
  3. ADB scholarships – open to students studying or intending to study at University of Auckland – covers travel expenses, living costs and tuition fees
  4. UC international first year scholarship – open to students beginning their under graduation at University of Canterbury – covers cost of tuition up to 20,000 NZD
  5. University of Waikato international scholarship – open to international students pursuing undergraduate or post graduate course at the University of Waikato – covers tuition fees up to 5000 NZD
Best Universities in New Zealand

Some of the top universities in New Zealand for international students are

  1. The University of Auckland
  2. The University of Otago
  3. Victoria University
  4. University of Canterbury
  5. Lincoln University

Processing time for visa is about 3 to 6 weeks. The visa officer will conduct a check of all the documents submitted like education certificates, financial documents and work experience documents. (For a detailed list please contact any of our offices.)  Some students may be required to attend a telephonic interview with at New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi or provide further information to enable the visa officer to make a decision. Students will be required to show NZ$15,000 per year towards living expenses as finances for visa purposes. Under the new FTZ scheme students can optionally deposit this into a specially designated bank account to be released periodically during the course of study.

Once the visa officer is convinced and all the requirements have been met, students will be advised in writing that their application has been approved in principle.  Students will be given a month to submit the following documents – Fee receipts issued by the New Zealand Education Institute and any other specific requirement .The visa will be issued not earlier than 14 to 21 working days prior to course commencement. The student visa will be valid for a period in proportion to the duration of the fee paid. If a student pays fees for the entire duration of the course then visa is issued for the full term of the study.

International students enrolled in a study program are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. Students can work full time (40 hrs) only during the summer holidays. The average wage for part time jobs is between NZ$10 – NZ$12 per hour. Spouse of the students going for Post graduate courses or for courses listed in immediate or long term skill shortage can accompany the student on a work permit.

After completion of studies students can apply for a 1 year graduate job search visa if they do not have an immediate job in hand or a 2 to 3 year work visa if they have a employment relevant to the field of study provided they have completed either advanced diploma or PG diploma in 1 year or diploma for 2 years.

International students who have graduated from a course in New Zealand would gain points under the Skilled Migrant Category if their course covers any area mentioned in the list. They are also eligible (on a case to case basis) for waiver of 2 years past work experience for longer term work visas.