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Test Preparation

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PTE Training (Pearson Test Of English)

PTE means the Pearson Test of English which is a new, international, computer based academic English language test. It is designed to evaluate whether the non-native speakers aspiring to study abroad can demonstrate their level of academic English proficiency in university level English language instruction programmes. This test comprises the tests of four skills—Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

As PTE is a computer-based test which focuses on the evaluation of the real life use of English in academic surroundings, it is trusted and recognized by leading universities, colleges, UK Border Agency and the Australian Department of Immigration. A PTE certificate is accepted for visa applications in the UK and Australia.

The PTE Test is available with flexible test dates, convenient locations in the country, and fast electronic results. This test is conducted in one session of three hours with questions testing two skills together—either listening and reading or reading and speaking.


Owing to growing number of students aspiring for partaking in English language programmes abroad, we have designed a student-friendly PTE preparation class which is conducted under the guidance of the experienced instructors in real life English communication settings so that students can enhance and demonstrate their English efficiency as required in academic surroundings of destination country. Additionally, the preparation classes are supported by a well-equipped computer lab, updated learning resources, live online mock tests, test taking strategies, and reviews of student submissions. The preparation class with us undoubtedly facilitates the students understand the test format, explore their potentialities and compare its scoring system with your present English efficiency so that you can begin to make further preparation strategies with deeper insight , continue your test preparation with systematic approach, and appear at the test without any confusions.

Finally, let us warmly invite you to join our PTE preparation class and experience how practically we conduct the class, how easily you understand the test format, how quickly you refine your English efficiency and how conveniently you receive the desired or required score. This is all possible after joining us for the test preparation because our forecast of score calculation has never gone wrong.